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Remedial Math Tutoring and Math Enrichment

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Developing competency in math increases a student's academic potential by improving comprehension and unleashing logical thinking skills.

No matter what your career goals (or those of your child), a solid knowledge of math is crucial to success. Unfortunately, many students have a hard time grasping math concepts in school; and because complex mathematics builds upon simple mathematics, once a student falls behind in math, it's very difficult for that student to get caught up again.

For example, mastering algebra requires an understanding of arithmetic, mastering geometry requires competency in algebra, and mastering trigonometry requires competency in arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. In addition, students who fall behind in math have a hard time with other subjects that require math, such as chemistry, physics, engineering, business, accounting, and other math-intensive subjects.

There also are many students who "have a knack" for math, but who are having problems aligning their learning to the EngageNY New York State Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) in Mathematics. The CCLS define specific competencies in mathematics for all New York State students and represent a considerable change in the way math is taught in New York. Many students need some help aligning their skills to the new standards, including many who have never had problems with math before.

Whatever the need or the reason, I begin by assessing a student's present skills to determine when he or she started falling behind. I then custom-design an intensive, individualized, one-on-one math tutoring program, using blended learning methods that will help you (or your child) achieve better grades, improve your study skills, attain your academic or career goals, and sharpen your ability to think and reason logically. Mastering mathematics enhances our level of comprehension and unleashes our logical intellectual potential, which is the secret to success in learning.

But students aren't machines. They're people; and people learn best in an environment of trust, friendship, and mutual respect. From my first session with a new student, I work on building this bond. I want my students to know that I'm not just a math expert throwing problems at them. I'm a mentor, role model, and friend who will share their joy and pride as they celebrate their achievements and develop a lifelong love of learning.

My private math tutoring services include:

Remedial math tutoring for individuals in elementary school through college, including tutoring in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry

Math enrichment for gifted students or those desiring extra math instruction beyond that offered at their schools

Tutoring aligned to the New York State Common Core Learning Standards

Specialized math tutoring for adults who need to learn job-related, applied mathematics

Supplemental math education for adults enrolled in online colleges and universities

Math review and preparation for students taking the ACT / SAT/ PSAT, NYS Regents, SHSAT and TACHS high school admissions tests, Advanced Placement (AP), Common Core, and other standardized tests

Review and test preparation for the New York State HSE/TASC examination, formerly known as the GED or High School Equivalency examination.


Math Enrichment

Not everyone who seeks math tutoring is behind in his or her math. Many, in fact, are gifted students want to enrich their educations by taking "extra" math or by studying more advanced mathematics courses than what are available at their schools. Many of these students have well-defined academic goals and plan to enter careers in the sciences, medicine, engineering, aviation, or other math-intensive vocations. They also know that it's important to start preparing at an early age for these highly-demanding fields. Other students (and their parents) simply realize that mastering math will energize their intellectual development and unleash their logical thinking potential, helping them to be successful in all of their academic pursuits.

In addition, many adults find that they need specialized instruction in math to help them perform better in their jobs or careers. This is especially true for adults who are considering midlife career changes, but who lack the necessary math proficiency to enter their desired vocations. I can design specialized applied math courses for adults who need to learn job-related mathematics, as well as for those who are returning to college to prepare for new careers.


Math Instruction for Home-Schooled Students

Some parents choose to educate their children at home, and these students generally do quite well. But many parents encounter difficulty trying to teach their children mathematics. The way math is taught has changed a great deal in the past few generations, and many parents find the "new math" baffling.

The recently-adopted New York State Common Core Learning Standards in Mathematics can also be a source of puzzlement for home-schooling parents (as well as for students in general). Even students in conventional classroom settings who are comfortable with math often need help aligning their math skills to the state's detailed standards. It's even more difficult for home-schooling parents to be sure that the instruction they're providing meets those standards.

I provide specialized, supplemental math instruction to help parents home school their children. The tutoring I provide consists of ongoing, private instruction in math to meet New York State Common Core Standards, as well as specialized preparation for standardized math tests, high school and college admissions exams, and any special exams required of home-schooled students by school districts.


For more information on how I can help you or your child excel in math, please contact me.